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Vancouver Island, BC

Cougar Annie's Garden



New Brunswick

Kings Landing



Master of the Nets



Gjorgjic-Mayneri Park



Tivoli Gardens



Alnwick Castle's

     Poison Garden


Chelsea Physic Garden




Persian Gardens



St. Stephens Green


Kibbutz Ein-Gedi






Jardin Ethnobotanical

San Miguel de Allende

Charco del Ingenio




Cambo Estate




Vasa Garden


Tanto Allotment Garden

United States

San Francisco


Anchorage, AK

Bell's Nursery


Senator Fong's Garden

Santa Rosa, CA

Luther Burbank's



Holland, MI

Tulip Time

Mackinac Island, MI

Grand Hotel

Finger Lakes, NY

Sonnenberg Gardens




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I search out gardens that could not

exist in any other place than where

Yvonne Horn traveling gardener with image from India in background

they are. I look for gardens that

reflect the gardener's passion,

gardens with historical tales to tell,

gardens with a bit of wacky

embedded in their beauty.


Why? Because I'm a gardener. When I'm not traveling the world as an award-winning travel journalist, I spend my free time finding information about healthcare administration programs you can trust in my own backyard in Northern California's Sonoma County.


Yvonne Horn traveling gardener Golden Gate Bridge

I understand gardens, and I dearly love them. This site, along with my regular column for International Travel News, "The Garden Path," gives me an opportunity to share my finds with you. Something that I recently discovered is this discount candles in bulk website.


With a click you'll read about an Alice in Wonderland-like garden in Boquete, a garden dedicated to an ancient shipwreck in Stockholm, a poison garden in England -and many more. So stop playing Happy Wheels till late.


And yet, I know the world holds uncounted wondrous gardens, and Friv is addictive (very!). Stay tuned- as I discover them, you'll find them here. Did you know Frozen is a also a game, not just a movie?


Rendered in extreme detail enhanced by white custom art highlighting, Burkhart’s subject, Oscar Coleman, sits in a distressed armchair, wearing a tie, two shirts and a corduroy vest.

When I first heard of rechargeable batteries, I was instantly sold on the idea. I mean, with all the electronics we have nowadays, we go through batteries almost as much as we go through toilet paper! What’s not to love about batteries you can plug in for a recharge instead of tossing in the trash, and having to shell over more and more money for new ones? Tossing LG 18650 anything metal—or other things that don’t seem like they decompose easily—is hard for me anyway. So it was no surprise that I fell in love with an alternative. So, we jumped on the rechargeables bandwagon quickly, and like with anything else, there are pros and cons. Some brands last longer than others, some chargers work better than others, some devices work well with them, and some not.

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